Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

Guidance and assistance from alumni can be an invaluable resource as graduate students prepare for their career.  Many UNC Charlotte graduates stress how important a mentor was to their professional development, and these opportunities give alumni a chance to provide that same guidance to current students.  The Graduate School offers many opportunities for alumni to help current graduate students.  If you would like to take advantage of these volunteer opportunities, contact the Thomas L. Reynolds Center for Graduate Life and Learning.

Networking events

Alumni can host networking events that give graduate students an opportunity to meet and interact with professionals.  These events can help graduate students improve their professional communication skills and potentially make connections that can lead to future employment opportunities.


Mentors are a valuable resource for graduate students.  Mentors provide one-on-one interaction that helps graduate students learn about the industry they are preparing to enter.


Many of the graduate programs at UNC Charlotte require students to have an internship, which can be on campus or in the community.  Graduate students are constantly looking for internship opportunities.  Internships allow graduate students to gain valuable professional experience and help companies identify and train prospective employees before they graduate.

Speakers and panel discussions

The Graduate School hosts speakers and panel discussions on a variety of subjects.  In the 2014-2015 academic year, the Center for Graduate Life and Learning hosted 51 total workshops attended by almost 800 graduate students.  Past topics include "The Transition from Academia to the Workplace: A Female Perspective", "Effective Leaders for Effective Teams", and "Personal and Professional Balance for Career Success".  Graduate students greatly benefit from hearing about real-world experiences from industry leaders and they gain insight into professional skills that they need to succeed.

If you would be willing to help us prepare graduate students by participating in volunteer opportunities, please contact the Reynolds Center for Graduate Life and Learning.