Strategic Plans and Annual Reports

Strategic Plans


The Graduate School's long-range enrollment plan was developed over the course of the 2013-14 academic year in cooperation with UNC Charlotte's colleges and an outside research company, Eduventures. Through this process, the primary recommendation from the report was to use enrollment plans as a foundation for integrating graduate education into the University's long-range strategic plan and annual reporting.

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In addition, UNC Charlotte supports Graduate Enrollment Management (GEM) through a collaborative work group, whose mission is to develop and communicate well-planned strategies to proactively shape graduate enrollment at UNC Charlotte in an effort to meet established enrollment goals.  Such strategies are informed by data collection and analysis in an effort to produce measurable improvements in areas such as recruitment, admissions, retention, funding, and graduation.  The tool developed to help support graduate enrollment management at the program, department and college level is GPDNet.  Accessed through the Graduate School's intranet, graduate program directors, department and college leaders, and the Graduate School, can work together to achieve sustainable enrollment goals.