Faculty Appointment

Members of the graduate faculty at UNC Charlotte have distinguished themselves both as teachers and as leaders – in the lecture hall and through their research. Graduate Program Directors (GPDs) take on an added role for adminstration of the graduate program(s) in their department.  

Graduate faculty appointment

Members of the graduate faculty are appointed by departmental leadership and usually serve a five-year term.  Graduate faculty are selected based on their demonstrated ability to teach graduate students effectively, complete high quality creative work and to conduct scholarly research and direct the research of graduate students. College Deans and department chairs nominate candidates for graduate faculty.  For more information, visit  Graduate Faculty Nomination.  

As a best practice, Regular members of the Graduate Faculty should teach and mentor graduate students so, as a general rule, graduate students should not teach other graduate students. Exceptions to this practice might include a long-time Lecturer who is an Associate Member of the Graduate Faculty and has just enrolled in a doctoral program.  This person would be eligible to retain Graduate Faculty status while he or she pursues an advanced degree. However a student with a master's degree and industry experience who enrolls in a doctoral program would not be eligible for Associate Graduate Faculty status since his or her primary role is that of a student.


Graduate Program Directors (GPDs) are responsible for administration of the graduate program(s) in their department and serve as the primary point of contact with the Graduate School. GPDs are selected by their academic department or program from among tenured or tenure-track graduate faculty.  News, information, advising tools and detailed responsbilities for GPDs can be found at GPDNet (log in required).

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