Tuition Support

The Graduate School provides full tuition support for the majority of doctoral students who hold an eligible graduate assistantship via the Graduate Assistant Support Program (GASP). Additionally, a small number of exemplary master's students obtain one or two years of (partial) tuition grants. 

FAQ: How do I apply for tuition support from the Graduate school?

Answer:  Apply to attend a graduate program at UNC Charlotte.  If offered admission, the Graduate Program Director may either 1) provide funding support that includes tuition support for you, and/or 2) nominate you for tuition support from the Graduate School.  

The tuition support process

  1. Student applies to UNC Charlotte graduate program
  2. Graduate Program Director recommends applicant for admission to the Graduate School; the Graduate School extends offer of admission
  3. Graduate Program Director recommends students for funding to the Graduate School; the Graduate School extends offer of funding support
  4. Students with offers of admission/funding must accept awards by April 15 in alignment with the April 15 Resolution ("National Signing Day")
  5. The Graduate School deposits tuition award on student's University account (funds removed if offer is declined)
  6. Tuition funds appear in student's account once s/he registers for classes and charges are assessed by the Office of Student Accounts

Please note: Graduate School tuition support does not include University Fees or Program/College Tuition Increments.

UNC Charlotte is a participant in the April 15 Resolution ("National Signing Day"). The Graduate School will remove no offer of funding before April 15th. Please accept your offers of funding before April 16th. After that date, UNC Charlotte will remove unaccepted offers and provide them to other students.