Integration of advanced manufacturing in the mechanical design of reflective optics

Doctoral Candidate Name: 
Nicholas Horvath
Mechanical Engineering

This dissertation comprises a series of authored papers, delineated by Chapter, which include advanced manufacturing, both techniques and processes, throughout the design processes for the future development of high quality reflective optics. The dissertation includes a novel kinematic mount design used for manufacturing and metrology of a freeform optic, an experimental study on additively manufactured silicon carbide for optical applications, and a new design methodology for higher efficiency lightweight mirrors considering additive manufacturing as the main process chain. Freeform optics, additive manufacturing, and silicon carbide mirrors are disruptive technologies independently. The work described in this dissertation merges these disruptive technologies into a systematic framework that has the potential to revolutionize both the manufacturing process chain and the mechanical design of lightweight mirrors. The combination of the three papers of this dissertation lays foundational work in reflective optics for overcoming manufacturing challenges, and for advancing mechanical design in consideration of advanced manufacturing. The result is a significant advancement in the state of the art for the creation of silicon carbide, additively manufactured, high efficiency, freeform reflective optics.

Defense Date and Time: 
Monday, October 5, 2020 - 9:30pm
Defense Location: 
Committee in person/Stream via MS Teams
Committee Chair's Name: 
Dr. Matthew Davies
Committee Members: 
Dr. Chris Evans, Dr. Steve Patterson, Dr. Scott Smith, Dr. Tom Suleski