Reynolds Leadership Award

The Thomas L. Reynolds Leadership Award honors excellence in graduate program administration.  The award is presented annually to a Graduate Program Director (GPD) or Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC), selected by a committee of previous winners, the Graduate Council chair and Graduate School staff  The winner receives $1000, an engraved plaque, and their name engraved on a perpetual trophy.

In launching the award, Dean Reynolds said, “In addition to managing enrollment, Graduate Program Directors and Coordinators track and manage their students while implementing programs and services to promote their success. Doing this well deserves recognition and praise.”  Nominees are identified each spring, and the awards are presented in the fall.

Review the nomination criteria and deadlines.  Nomination deadline for the 2021-22 AY is January 31, 2022.






Award recipients

2021-22 Dr. Kristin Davin
Foreign Language Education, Cato College of Education
2020-21 Dr. Peter Wong
Architecture, College of Arts + Architecture


2019-20 Dr. Lara Vetter
English, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Enjoy a tribute video to Dr. Vetter.

2018-19 Dr. Florence Martin
Educational Leadership, 
Cato College of Education