Doctoral Candidate Name: 
Justice L. Edmond
Doctor of Nursing Practice

Sugammadex is a useful reversal agent of neuromuscular blockade during surgery. However, its interaction with hormonal contraceptives could lead to undesirable outcomes in surgical patients using birth control pills. The feasibility and effectiveness of web-based education targeting post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) nurses are limited. PACU nurses are responsible for patient education related to the interaction between Sugammadex and hormonal contraceptives.
The purpose of the project is to examine the effect of a web-based education on PACU nurses’ awareness and knowledge about the interaction between Sugammadex and hormonal contraceptives.
A quantitative, quasi-experimental, pre-/post-test design study was conducted among PACU nurses who work at a healthcare facility located in the southeast region of the United States. An online survey was used to investigate the effect of web-based education on PACU nurses’ knowledge about the interaction between Sugammadex and hormonal contraceptives.
Among 27 PACU nurses, their years of experience ranged from 0 to 26 years (4.43 ± 6.65). There was a significant pretest-posttest difference on Question 1 (the mechanism of action of Sugammadex) (χ 2 (1) = 6.22, p = .013). The average number of correct answers increased from 4.00 ± 0.87 to 4.70 ± 0.54 (t = 3.99, p < .001).
The web-based education was effective in improving PACU nurses’ knowledge of drug interactions. This finding may contribute to the development of a standardized online education program for anesthesia providers, enhancing their skills and competence in providing patient education on anesthetic agents.

Defense Date and Time: 
Friday, December 1, 2023 - 10:00am
Defense Location: 
CHHS 436
Committee Chair's Name: 
Lufei Young PhD, ACNP-BC
Committee Members: 
Zhuo Job Chen, PhD, Danielle Brown DNAP, CRNA , Scott Strassels, PharmD, PhD, Crystal Piper, PhD

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