ProQuest Guides and Publishing Guidelines

Guide 1: Preparing Your Manuscript for Submission     Provides guidance on how to embed fonts, include supplemental files, and how to address other issues important to preparing your manuscript for submission.

Guide 2: Embargoes and Restrictions     You should also read about search engines and your dissertation.

Guide 3: Why Copyright? and Copyright and Your Dissertation or Thesis.  Still have questions about textual recycling, self-plagiarism, or how to properly cite the material in your work? Start a conversation! Talk to your advisor and your committee, or give Aura a call at 704-687-7237. 

Guide 4: Sample Permissions Letter 

UMI/ProQuest publishing guidelines

UMI, formerly University Microfilms International, is now a subsidiary of ProQuest Information and Learning. The University sends a copy of all doctoral dissertations and master theses to UMI/ProQuest to be "published": UMI/ProQuest prints the abstract in Dissertation and Thesis Abstracts, and sells copies of the dissertation or thesis to the public in paper, microform, and electronic format. At this time, UMI/ProQuest will accept ETDs only in Adobe pdf format.

UMI makes available information on their website concerning "Submitting Your Dissertation or Thesis to UMI." Every student should review this information very early in his or her graduate career.