Withdrawing from a class or from the University:

Once a student has registered for classes and it becomes necessary to terminate the registration, there are two possible courses of action: (1) withdrawal from classes and/or from the University, or (2) Cancellation of Enrollment. Discussed here is the process for withdrawing from a class or program.

Students are expected to complete all courses for which they are registered at the close of the Add/Drop Period. These courses will appear on the transcript, count as attempted hours, and except for withdrawals allowed under this policy, receive grades used in the GPA calculation.  All types of termination, including withdrawal, withdrawal for extenuating circumstances, and Cancellation of Enrollment are subject to all financial aid and satisfactory academic progress rules.

Withdrawals - in term

Students may withdraw themselves from a course or courses and receive a grade of W, subject to the following conditions:


The deadline to withdraw from one or more courses (including withdrawal from all courses) is at the 60% completion point of the term.  The precise date for each term will be published in the Academic Calendar.  After this deadline, a late withdrawal will only be allowed for approved extenuating circumstances.

Grade of W

A grade of W will be recorded for each withdrawal without extenuating circumstances.  Courses marked W do not count in GPA calculations, but do count in attempted hour calculations for all undergraduate and graduate students.

Withdrawal for extenuating circumstances

Students who experience serious, documented extenuating circumstances (personal or medical crisis or military deployment) may request a withdrawal for extenuating circumstances. If approved, a grade of WE will be recorded for each course. Courses marked WE do not count in GPA calculations, but do count in attempted hour calculations.