The Personal is Professional: Parenting While Learning

April 21, 2022 - 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

In this workshop we will discuss the challenges of parenting and becoming a parent, and in particular we will discuss common worries and concerns of becoming a parent in grad school. Birthing and non-birthing parents of all gender identities are welcome! We will also:

  • Explore strategies for pregnant folks (and their partners) for finding balance and self-advocacy after children 
  • Practice reframing challenges- identifying positives of parenting while in school, empowerment
  • Parental Practice journaling activity

Facilitated by Morgan Swain-Sears and Leslie Snapper. Morgan is a doctoral intern and a PhD candidate in Counseling Psychology at Tennessee State University, and Leslie is a new parent and a Health Psychology doctoral candidate here at UNCC. 

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