To be considered for admission to the Graduate School at UNC Charlotte, applicants must complete a bachelor’s degree or its U.S. equivalent, from a college or university accredited by an accepted accrediting body.  See the Graduate Catalog Glossary for a list of accrediting bodies.  Details about admissions requirements are available on the Graduate Admissions website.

Additionally, exceptional UNC Charlotte undergraduate students with at least a 3.2 overall GPA may be considered for early-entry admission to a master’s program and begin work toward a graduate degree before completion of the baccalaureate degree. In those programs offering the early-entry option, an applicant may be accepted at any time after completion of 75 or more hours, although it is expected that close to 90 hours will have been earned by the time the first graduate course is taken. These students will have provisional acceptance status, pending the award of the baccalaureate degree. Not all graduate programs offer this option.


The Graduate Programs page on the Graduate Admissions website, provides a searchable list of all graduate certificate, master’s and doctoral degree programs offered.  Searches can be performed by field of study, college, program degree, and more.  Weblinks to departmental websites and contact information for the graduate program director/coordinator, are located on the list. 

Each graduate program has a Graduate Program Director (GPD) who reviews and recommends admission; tracks academic progress; and can nominate students for funding.  The GPD is the liaison to the program.  Use the Graduate Admissions website to locate your GPD.  Their name and contact information is located just below the program description.

The Graduate School is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  We are located in Cato Hall, just off HIghway 49.  Visitor parking is directly across from our building.

We offer Information Sessions designed for prospective students.  These sessions provide a general overview of admission requirements and the application processes, and includes valuable information about standardized test requirements, funding opportunities, and financial aid.  You can take note of upcoming Sessions on our Graduate Admissions calendar.  To register to attend an upcoming information session visit our application portal and rsvp.  Sessions are held at our main campus, Center City campus and online.  

View the Visit Us page on the Graduate Admissions website for the most current opportunities.

You may begin the admissions process by creating a prospective student account in our application portal. By creating your personal account, not only will you be able to start your application(s), but you can also learn/register to attend our Information Sessions, receive updates about your admissions process, and alert your prospective program(s) of your intention to apply.

Current tuition and fees are posted on the NinerCentral website.  Additionally, UNC Charlotte offers a variety of funding opportunities to graduate students. From scholarships and fellowships, to financial aid and work assistantships, there are numerous programs for which a new student may qualify.  Visit the Graduate School’s website to learn more and see which programs can help you defray the cost of a graduate education.

Student Funding

Financial support for UNC Charlotte graduate students may be provided via assistantships, tuition support, financial aid, scholarships and fellowships. Visit the Graduate School’s website to learn more about funding  and see which program can help you defray the cost of a graduate education.

UNC Charlotte provides a database of searchable scholarships, plus it can match your personal criteria to a possible Graduate School fellowship.  Visit the Niner Scholars portal to begin the search.  Additionally, the Graduate School’s website provides a list of external searchable databases where a student might obtain funding.

The Office of Student Financial Aid administers several federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs available to graduate students who complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).   Visit the Graduate School’s website for details of current programs open to graduate students.

Graduate assistants receive financial support for their contributions to the teaching, research, and service missions of the University. The great majority of Graduate Assistants on campus are hired by the student's department.  Check with your Program Director to seek out those opportunities.  Additionally, other campus offices and initiatives seek graduate assistants from time to time.  Visit the University’s Hire A Niner portal for current openings.

Student job openings are listed under the University’s Human Resources website .  Off campus jobs and/or internships, are listed under the University Career Center website.


My.charlotte.edu is the student portal enabling access to tasks, announcements, email, student accounts, Niner Central, Schedule Wizard, registration and numerous other applications a student needs while attending UNC Charlotte.  From my.charlotte.edu students can access DegreeWorks the University’s online tool for degree progression and planning.  Both students and their advisor(s) have access.  Individual FAQs for DegreeWorks can be found on the One IT FAQ website.

The Graduate School compiles a list of forms, applications and online web links needed to maintain your academics and/or graduate.  Visit the Graduate School website forms page for a complete list.   Additionally, the NinerCentral office can provide some assistance with many form related requests.

Current students may file an academic petition through the University’s Academic Petition system   The Graduate School’s website lists the various requests which can be made through that system.

The Academic Calendar is the University resource for all important dates, deadlines, holidays and more.  Additionally, the Graduate School curates a Graduation Clearance website section to help walk students through the graduation process.  Individual FAQs for graduation and commencement can be found on the on the One IT FAQ website.

The Graduate Catalog is the University’s resource for suspension and/or termination information.  You can access the Catalog online.  Additionally, the Graduate School provides an overview with helpful links on their website.  

Campus Life, Support & Resources

The Thomas L. Reynolds Center for Graduate Life and Learning, located in the Atkins 149, provides resources, workshops, courses, student events and more, all designed to meet the needs of UNC Charlotte graduate students.  Be sure to follow them on Facebook at UNCCharlotteCGL.

Graduate Advocates are a group of continuing graduate students who offer guidance and promote engagement through first-hand experience, peer mentorship and graduate student events.  They are available through the Thomas L. Reynolds Center for Graduate Life and Learning during the Fall and Spring semesters, Students are encouraged to reach out to them should they have any questions about the graduate student experience at UNC Charlotte.

Visit the University’s website for campus information including services, resources, weblinks and an array of student needs.

The Center for Graduate Life provides information and support to all UNC Charlotte graduate teaching assistants through its graduate teaching initiative.  New GTA’s are required to attend new GTA training which Is held at the beginning of each semester.

The Student Health Center promotes healthy students by providing healthcare, education and outreach to our student community.  Visit their website for current information and hours.  New students may complete their immunization and insurance information at the Center.  Additionally, the Christine F. Price Center for Counseling and Psychological Services supports the holistic well-being and academic success of students and contributes to a healthy and inclusive campus climate.  They provide short-term individual and group counseling, crisis management, consultation, referral services, and educational and preventive initiatives for the campus community.

Dean’s Office

All members of campus are invited to visit to discuss issues of concern, talk about graduate education or just introduce themselves. Please contact Christi Skerlak, Executive Assistant to the Dean, to set up a private appointment.

UNC Charlotte Graduate School alums are a valuable asset to our unit.  We call upon them to join us for networking events, mentor graduate students, provide professional development and guest lecture in a workshop or course.  We encourage all alumni to contact the Center for Graduate Life with their ideas, as well as to register with the University’s Alumni Association.

You can make a donation online for any amount at our Giving web page.  If you are interested in making a major gift, please contact our Major Gift Officer, Mr. Mark Colone at mdcolone@uncc.edu  For more information on giving and its impact to the Graduate School and graduate students, visit our website.

Faculty and Staff

GPDNet.uncc.edu is the primary communications tool for the Graduate School.  This intranet provides graduate program directors (GPDs) with access to our news, deadlines, important dates, resource material, projection and planning reports, plus it allows a program to manage their content on the Graduate Admissions website.

eGRAD is the recruitment and admissions portal for GPDs to view and add prospective student records, as well as for GPDs and committee members to review applicant files.  It is available only to those signed into the University's secure network.  Users must be trained before being allowed access to eGRAD.  Contact the Graduate School’s Director of Admissions KathyGiddings@uncc.edu to schedule a training session.

Planning and tracking for academic progress and graduation clearance processes are automated through DegreeWorks, a web-based tool.  Faculty can access DegreeWorks via My UNC Charlotte under the Teaching heading.  Additional FAQs for DegreeWorks can be found on the ITS website

The Graduate School, as well as the University, provide graduate faculty and staff with numerous online platforms and tools to make their job easier.  Visit the Graduate School website for a current list of those systems and tools.

College Deans and department chairs nominate candidates for graduate faculty.  Graduate faculty are selected based on their demonstrated ability to teach graduate students effectively, complete high quality creative work and to conduct scholarly research and direct the research of graduate students.  For nomination procedures visit the Graduate School’s website.

Curriculog is the University’s online course and curriculum management system used for submitting, reviewing, and approving curriculum proposals.  This site is designed for faculty and administrators who are involved with the course and curriculum process e.g. adding, modifying, and deactivating courses, minors, certificates, degree/major programs, etc.  Curriculog is entirely online and works in conjunction with Acalog, the electronic catalog system.